57 European Standard

The most recent bus dragged into the shop is this 1957 European Delivery Standard. It is a pretty rough piece but there are some interesting plans in the works, hashed out over a few tasty beers.

When the bus was acquired by its owner, the nose had already been clipped and just tacked lightly into place.  As I began to rework the nose, remove and redo some things underneath, the owner and I started discussing some things and what the owner wanted as a dream bus. While the nose was off and with plenty of room to work, we decided to dive even deeper and convert the bus to a walkthrough, which is pretty uncommon for 50’s models. Why stop there?!?! Next up on the slab is a big hole in the roof! Thats right, a 57 European walkthrough sunroof standard. While some may see this as a hack, I see it as a Badass Bus.

It is pretty rusty and I do my best at building these buses as close to originally manufactured as possible. My goal is to make things as undetectable as I can. So don’t tell anybody!!

This will be an off and on project over a good period of time. Cant wait to see it on the road.