58 15 Window Deluxe

This 1958 Deluxe is considered a rare bus being a 15 window from the ‘pressed bumper’ era rather than the more common 23 window sunroof model. There are roughly 2 dozen of these known to exist.

This one showed up to my shop in late 2001 from a customer in Chicago. It sat a few years in storage before I could make time to dig into this one. Obviously the owner was not in a rush to get this one finished.

The bus had been partially metal worked at another shop before it came to me. I upgraded some of the repairs with newly available, higher quality reproduction metal repair panels and finished off what had not been touched at that point.

Once the metal was finished I then started with the bodywork and continued on to paint. Look closely and you will see the details of this restoration, such as the underside overspray to give it the look of just having come off of the factory lines.

After the paintwork was completed I then made and installed a headliner. The customer then flew down to help with various assembly work such as the wire harness install, chrome parts, etc.

The bus has since been shipped back to Chicago where it had a new interior installed, as well as the smaller details fine tuned.

As of 2012 the suspension mechanicals have been overhauled, restored, and detailed by Jon Furst (Hazetguy) in Asheville, NC, who does some very accurate mechanical work with suspension and engines. He is currently working on the engine for this bus and hopefully we will soon get to see this bus out and about. Truly a beautiful bus.