1958 Binz Crewcab. This was a coachbuilt crewcab which was produced in the years before VW committed to making their own crewcabs. Another rare model- not too many of these exist today.

To the owner’s surprise, when it arrived it was a bit of a basketcase of rust and rats’ nests. The initial plan for this one was to tighten up some areas, clean it up, and put it on the road. One thing lead to another and it is now one of the most accurate restorations of its kind.

It had some fairly extensive rust to be repaired, and it was a slight challenge to replicate the coachwork done from the Binz factory, but everything worked out fine.

This one has been driven regularly for the past 4-5 years and still looks immaculate. I’m proud to be a part of this restoration.

I would like to note that my good friend Jason Cochran did the bodywork and paint on this one. This guy has some talent!

58 Binz Crew Cab